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Holding Distance

Holding Distance

Grace Wilentz has a fine, precise eye, a mind for knowing exactly what she has seen, and a rare gift for capturing the moment of seeing—what one sees in her poems, one sees as if for the first time. And, brief though it is, Holding Distance seems to capture a whole lifetime worth of seeing—meaning it enlarges the life of its reader. I could have waited another decade and still this book would have felt like a reward. - Shane McCrae, author of The Gilded Auction Block

You can’t hear the final lines of the poem "Cat's Cradle" too often, and for me they encapsulate this collection, the care, craft and training that have gone into it, and the possibility of change and serendipity that these poems and perhaps all good art achieves: “The game trains the hands to hold distance, movement with elegance, and for the mind: that transformation is possible, and may be swift.” - Catherine Ann Cullen, author ofThe Other Now

You can order your copy of Holding Distance here.

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